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Hello World!!

By guest, Mar 9 2015 10:08AM

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Oct 22 2015 07:52PM by Website Revisions almost Complete 10-2015

We are almost ready to roll out our NEW Website design. Thank you to all who made this possible!

Jim Albanese - Information Technology Specialist - CNR

May 24 2016 11:29PM by Clint Heisler

I appreciate everything you've done for me both times that you have helped me out. It was extremely important to my business that my computers work and you help me out both times and everything works great and my business is doing good too. Thanks for everything, Clint

Sep 1 2017 12:25PM by Jeff Coates - Sea Air International

Just wanted to drop you a note in expressing total satisfaction with the computer you sold me. Your “on site” guidance and working knowledge when choosing my computer purchase, as usual, was extremely helpful.
You are NOT a “Box Store” salesman (i.e. Best Buy, others..), you provide a customer with on site, and sincere advice for sales, and service!!!!!

It’s a pleasure working with you Jim, and just wanted to say THANKS, now that I have the unit up and running, with the W7 Pro version – which I wanted.

You did a fantastic job in transferring my information from my old laptop to the new machine!
A sincere THANK YOU!

All the best, and have a good weekend!

Best regards
Jeff Coates
Sea Air International Forwarders - USA

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