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Computer Installation
Computer Installation

Hardware & Software Solutions for Home & Business

Computer Networking & Repair - CNR supports various software solutions including "off-the-shelf" software such as MS Office & Intuit QuickBooks, and Educational applications for home & students. We have technical capabilities with just about any stand-alone or networked application, including Legacy DOS applications.


Whether you're running MS Office productivity suite, QuickBooks accounting or a specialized "vertical" software application for your particular industry, Computer Networking & Repair - CNR can provide product purchase, installation, upgrade, network setup & configuration (Client/Server applications), and technical support your organization needs to take advantage of the use of technology.


Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware/Malware & Anti-Spam Solutions

Infected by a virus, annoying pop-ups, website redirection, and Internet access & performance issues? These are common symptoms that Computer Networking & Repair - CNR can evaluate, diagnosis, scan & clean to get your computer systems running as well as possible & quite possibly better than they ever did. We provide Service & Support for various Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware/Malware & other security software applications. We can typically clean viruses & spyware/malware infected computer systems "cost effectively", and/or provide recommendations, replacement, installation, upgrades, and general maintenance updates.


Tired of deleting SPAM e-mail, what a time waster? We have Anti-Spam solutions for you that can GREATLY reduce the amount of time spent on keeping a clean Inbox.

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We help you achieve success with the use of technology.

Computer Repair

Data Backup, Recovery & Restoration Services

Computer won't boot or has boot error messages? We can evaluate, and in most cases, retrieve data from Virus-Infected, un-bootable, or hardware damaged systems including: Documents, Pictures, Music, E-mail mailbox & contacts/address books, applications & program data (ie. MS Office, QuickBooks, vertical applications) & restore data to a new or existing "functional" computer and/or backup device like an external USB or Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hard Disk drive.


Computer Networking & Repair - CNR can provide portable & "OFF-SITE" backup solutions for home and business. These solutions come complete with software, installation, setup, and training provided.

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We can be the technicians to setup & configure the software and converse with the technical people from your software vendor. We speak the same language they do and can get your new installation, upgrade, access and data backup working they way it should be. We can also manage software & licenses acquired by your business or organization.


We provide "industry-standard" hardware, "quality-tested" products, and local service & support. CNR works with "name brand" manufacturers to provide service & support for HP-Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba to mention a few, and any "industry-standard" compatible computer systems. We are very familiar with computers running MS Windows operating systems (OS) including servers & desktops, and "SECURITY" for networks including wireless solutions.